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Time have changed. Apple decided to double-cross me - and other users. They pulled the plug from their webhosting. They forced us, to go over to other services, to host our webpages - I am not happy about it [and I guess, others neither]! After long back and forth, I decided to use blogger - because it is free to have your customized domain. Hopefully soon this page will be again available via - in the meanwhile "dial" . The whole design has unfortunately changed. And all the previous posts are lost [not really, but it would take me months, to re-post them - so I have decided not to. I hope, that you value the content higher than the design. And I hope, that I can go on with the more or less regular posting as before [even if I don't really like the blogger interface]. And who knows - maybe it is even positive, to go over to a 100% web compliant and 100% searchable layout... however it was nice, a