is perfection existing?

One of the big question on the stoney way of mastering your trade [I have learned to call it shokunin - which is all about craftsmanship and artisan - but in fact much more]:

Can there be any perfection?

I am inclined to say: No. 

But there were few occasions in my working life, when I felt a convergence to perfection. You can call it "in the zone". Things worked out in perfect balance; my mind just commanded the matter, which followed. It was like being one with the strings of the universe - this moments where usually very short - seconds, sometimes few minutes - yet, they were so memorable and are actually the reason, for the motivation of doing my job - yes and my confidence, that I am doing a good job.

But there is more, which can be in proximity to perfection - yes I dare to say they are perfect:

Fresh ripe wood strawberries, for example, harvested on their peak of ripeness, while they are comically small, they are able to fill up a room with their infatuating fragrance.


Another indelible experience I have had is:

Frapin XO Fontpinot.

I cannot really say, if it is still as good and as inimitable now, as it was when I have tried it.

Though I can remember, that a decade ago, several bartenders inclusive me, had a tasting of different brandies - there were good ones, bad ones and the ugly.
But then, there was this product, which seemed to  revealing its aureole as soon as the first traces of its scent touched my nose. This cognac was a revelation- it was not only on another level, but in whole another league of all others. It wasn't the oldest or the smoothest - it was just the one with a beautiful character and an unsurpassed balance.

And exactly for these moments I striving, when I am mixing drinks.
A cocktail [in my world] should not only be damn tasty and balanced - it has to be all - it should own a steadfast character, has to be balanced, yet with a peerless simplicity. 

It can be a classic drink, just perfectly prepared with impeccable ingredients - or it can be a tweaked classic, prepared with new techniques, which are elevating the drink in new heights - or it can be a variation, farther of its original. It doesn't really matter. The authenticity and integrity matters.


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