New concept menu - for Rush bar

While I am waiting for the new season in Skylite, I didn't wanted to leave Rush with their old menu.
It is kind of typical Middle East - trapped between the dark ages of mixology and the early cocktail revival [shortly after the millennium].

So I gave it some thoughts and some love and came up with a short list of cool cocktails.

It is not yet revolutionary - I am still lacking most of the equipment I need, to really move things into the future - however the drinks are unique and cool - and probably not seen in Abu Dhabi or Dubai.

In the next couple of weeks, we have to implement those; that means, get them approved, scheduling tastings, doing the costing, doing a new menu and so on and do forth.

Here on my blog, I give you the unique opportunity to have a sneak peak; one drink at a time.

Unfortunately I can't yet post pictures [they will follow, when we perfected the recipes] - but I am sure that you have enough imagination...

So stay tuned...


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