On the perspective to have a much broader audience, it was a good thing, to change from the Apple environment to the more common google-web environment. Month to date this page had surprisingly 800 page views. As my domain was not reachable and as the new blog is new [means not high in the search engines], it is even a bigger surprise for me.

Apparently the most views are coming from the US [thank you folks] and from the UAE [shukran], followed by the Philippines [I had a lot of Pinoy colleagues] and Indonesia.

Russians are reading my posts also - I know, that some of my previous colleagues transfered to Russia or are Russians... and English.
Of course, due to my origin Germany is also not far back.
Readers from Canada [thanks Darcy] and Turkey are quite surprising...

Even more surprisingly India is totally white on the map [and I have and had a lot of Indian colleagues] as well as Sri Lanka.
Have a look on map besides...


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