objective product testing - by Darcy O'Neil

There is a lot of marketing and anti-marketing out there, about products.

Sometimes you just have to use your common sense [as well as your technical expertise] to confirm or bust these "myths".

One outstanding personality in mixology is Darcy O'Neil who happens to be working in a lab.
Not only, that he has the gear, to do one or the other great experiment - but he also has the knowledge.
Today, I just found a super interesting article, I haven't read yet on his blog - and it is surprisingly opinionated...

Please join me, to read the article about glycerol in vodka - which is already older, but I guess, if I just found the article, you might not even heard of it...  Does Grey Goose Contain Glycerine?
And here is the link of the result post:  Glycerol in Vodka Results

The Art of Drink, is one of my favorite blogs, and most reliable and objective resources of bar, spirit and mixology related content.


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