Update: why I don't like flair bartending...

So I don't like flair bartenders, because nobody is talking about "a flair bartender" - the press as facebook, youtube, twitter talks about bar talents, barmen, bartenders.
And if it comes to one of the best barman talents, I definitely expect something else, than a flair monkey! I don't know this guy, but I guess, that he will be not able to tell me rum styles, the sub areas of cognac, the differences of whisk[e]ys (or why I do write it like that), or how long you should shake a cocktail and which is the target temperature of a proper drink!

While I do understand the effort and the massive training behind performing as a flairbartender, I am also questioning - what does this has to do with "serious" bartending? [ok - besides of the fact, that they are joggling with bottles and shakers... we might come up, with a completely new style of bartending, if pornstars are using bottles and muddlers, to do their "craft" - we can call it then: hardcore or xxx bartending].

It was equally disturbing, as they included flair bartending in the Monin mixology competition a few weeks back - lets reflect: the drinks where as poor, that they could have come from flair bartenders... overall it is in my eyes the wrong direction - the wrong message, which you are giving to consumers and guests, as well as growing bartenders.

Personally I want to see as many flair bartenders as bartending clowns [or hardcore bartenders]: none.


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