Dave Arnold - now he is a mad mixologist

Yes- I called him mixologist - not a bartender. He worked before for the CIA [yeah - lame joke - but really it is the Culinary Institute of America] - but now he works as the mad scientist behind Booker & Dax in New York City.

The technique he is using is pretty cool - as well as totally wild. Not sure, if I would use so much nitrogen and the centrifuge even if I would have access to it [you could much easier agar-clarify your juice as well - a technique also from Dave Arnold - which I have discussed on this blog].
I also would not chill the drink so much down, that it becomes slushy [I doubt, that a partly frozen drink is perfectly carbonating]. But hey, who am I…

Anyway - besides of some slightly dumb remarks of Andy Seymour - the host of the show, this episode is pretty awesome.

Don't forget to like and subscribe to their youtube channel tasted, if you like it.


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