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Paloma with San Pellegrino Pompelmo

I have promised in one of my last posts to review the new (?) San Pellegrino grapefruit in a Paloma. This is pretty much THE drink to try, when it comes to grapefruit sodas... So I rigged for my bottle of Cuervo Reserva de la Familia blanco, took one well chilled Pellegrino grapefruit and even made a nice salt rim with Maldon sea salt... Unfortunately it was not very successful... It weren't the vegetal aromas highlighted in the tequila; but the blanco tasted unusually savory. But not very pleasant. I even didn't added lime juice, as I thought, that Pompelmo contained enough juice (unusual high fruit content for a soda). I was right. If this unusual result happened with the ultra smooth Cuervo Reserva de la Familia - it will result into an even more disastrous drink with rougher tequilas...   That doesn't make this soda bad. I welcome the high quality approach of Pellegrino with no artificial ingredients in their products and always a high fruit content. It just means, that

Short noted: dry vermouth a

For the moment I am reviewing quite a lot of products... Vermouth is one of them. I was surprised to hear, that not only Dolin and Carpano Antica are now available, but also the US based boutique vermouth brand Vya. Today I tasted dry vermouths: Vya very dry, Dolin Extra dry and as comparison Cincano extra dry. The Cincano was quite bold, simple and overall yuk! This might beone reason, why people prefer only a touch of vermouth in their martinis... The Dolin surprised me...  Very fine, almost like a fino sherry with also very subtle but perfectly balanced herbal notes. Vya against this was much spicier, with some orange zest notes... But also a fantastic option. I will come back with a proper review, if I have the benchmark, Noilly Prat to compare...

San Pellegrino Pompelmo

San Pellegrino doesn't only produce and market Italian mineral water. They also sell some interesting sodas. It is long time that I have seen the last time their traditional sodas like chinotto or San bitter. I kinda liked always the oddness - though also found, that they were kind off tough sells. Since quite a while, you can find the orange, blood orange and lemonade sodas in the shelves in supermarkets across Dubai. In a time, when most beverage producers use E number ingredients, as it would be a lost art, it is quite refreshing to see Pellegrino to avoid most artificial ingredients. They have also to use some preservatives - but other than that they are even using normal sugar instead of HFCS! The flavor? Blood orange was until now my favorite... it doesn't really taste as fresh blood orange... But it also doesn't taste artificial. All three have also a pithy bitterness , which I quite like. Today then I found a new one... Pompelmo. Truth has to be told: I miss read it

Why less ice result into more dilution

This is a post, which promotes curiousness and scrutinize information which seems to be a given. We learned already a lot about ice. For example the size of ice doesn't matter [if surface ice is not a subject]. We even learned, that you need to shake a drink for at least 15 seconds, to ensure the right temperature - but you hardly can overshake a drink - as the dilution and temperature almost keeps exactly the same - even if you attempt to shake a drink for a minute. However the reason, why you should always fill a glass full of ice stays a mystery. You could argue, that a lot of ice chills the drink faster [and as soon as the drink is cold enough, ice tempt to melt on a very slow rate] - you certainly be right. But this might need not be the full truth. Today I felt fancy for cherry coke - but as I had only my normal bad @ss 2.5 liter regular coke bottle, I used Fabbri amarena syrup, to give it the typical cherry/almond ting. And as I am a incurable coke addict, I us

Aloe Vera Beauty drink?

First of all my apologies. I haven't posted a lot. It is a bit tricky for the moment, as I am with my own mobile devices just via 3G online. The hotel doesn't have free wifi (I am just online with the company PC and that means no personal stuff...) and we are living in a completely new building- landbased telecommunication will (hopefully) set up in the next days. I have though already written several posts offline- some quite controversial and will post them soon... Back to the besuty drink. I have picked up this in one normal hypermarket. The brand is Thai Choice, a producer which usually offers all sorts off Asian ingredients from - from a like "alemongrass puree" to z like "zoya sauce". Sorry it is too late for doing better jokes ... Anyway - I chilled it nicely, popped it open (which was harder than expected) and tasted it. NOSE: Faint honey smell - with the slightest greenush vegetal hint. TONGUE: Oh wow, sweet. Very sweet. Simple syrup sweet!