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All what is wrong with this Blueberry Cotton Candy Martini

Today, I borrowed the awesome format from cinemasins  to review below youtube video.

Off course, I won't make a voice over [but if you like, you could "imagine it"]. But otherwise - I count the sins. About the cocktail. And the video. So let gets started:

  1. Really crappy audio - quality! Really guys - do you make a promotion video with this audio and think, that people are sharing it???
  2. Tbone Chophouse & Lounge? Who invented this name? Really? You like to open a successful restaurant and bar and call it Tbone Chophouse & Lounge? How original!
  3. You are not showing a couple of cocktails and food pairings. You are showing just one [in this youtube video]!
  4. T-time at Tbone Chophouse & Lounge? I crap by pants!
  5. Angie... obviously not hired due to her brilliant bartending skills!
  6. Angie... not being topless. C'mon! I am not sexist here - they are. But having Angie behind the bar with her deep cleavage and not being topless or performing a lapdance, is kinda defying "her purpose".
  7. Oh - have you noticed already the blueish old, commercial_out_of_the_box_cotton_candy in the glass. Gross!
  8. So you use fresh blueberries but then totally cover its fresh taste with crappy Stoli blueberry? Hm... and lets not forget the awful looking old cotton candy...
  9. And yeah - fresh lemon sour. What is that? Does she mean lemon juice? Obviously not. Maybe it is "freshly" prepared powdered sweet & sour? Who knows - and who does want to know?
  10. A splash of 7up out of a soda gun. Yeah - you are using fresh blueberries and "fresh lemon sour" only to put one of the most processed, HFCS loaded lemon-lime soda into it.
  11. Shaking 7up? Now, you will know, that Angie's strength is not necessarily bartending [even though you didn't paid much attention before]!
  12. Ok - the face and gesture directly before shaking. Dunno, what the guy behind the camera is doing, but it seems, that her gesture refers to something what he and Angie done before of the video or maybe which will happen directly after it.
  13. The shaking! We all agree - a cocktail has to be shaken much longer... around 15 seconds. However due to Angie's physique, I would rather prefer her shaking for two or three minutes...
  14. Dissolving the artificial colored cotton candy with a bad cocktail.
  15. Not double straining, after fresh fruits are muddled in the strainer.
  16. Bad acting of Angie... and: it is definitely not a great cocktail!
  17. Ok - I have to admit - the food sounds better, than the name of the place or the cocktail of Angie. But the sin is, that the food has nothing, really nothing to do, with the drink. It is not a pairing, not even in Angie's wettest dreams!
  18. Angie said, "maybe we should try it" after chef explained his food - hence she is referring to the food - however she tries her cocktail!
  19. Very good. It isn't!
And yes - apologies to those, who feel affronted by this post. Just take all comments about the bad acting of Angie away [and the comments about her gender], you will still have an amazingly bad video, but it is not that  much fun anymore!


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