More than 90,000 hits since August 2012 - Thank you so much my dear readers!

Just a short thank you note! I know, that some blogs are much higher frequented as this one here.... but I am still stunned. 90,000 hits - wow - this is like every citizen of a bigger town is reading your stuff.

Within this year [yes - the opinionated-alchemist is much longer around than 1 year - however one year ago I changed the hosting to blogger - and due to the fact that it is from google, it is much easier to find from search engines etc], we had some ups and downs. The page started with 2000 hits per month - so went really up to consistently 6500 plus hits per month. Again - this is not much, if you name is Jeffrey Morgenthaler - but for me it is satisfying and great. I am not greedy.

The lowest hits [after the beginning] was Winter 2012 - when I could hardly write up some posts - but then it followed a all time high in May in June - this year 2013 - which we reached more than 9000 people. For the moment it is again stabilizing at around 7000 hits - please spread the word, to make this pages even more a success!

Again - big thank you!


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