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Demonizing Sugar in Cocktails

Let me first of all say - that I really like I don't agree with everything - but Simon Difford is one of the guys, which I very much respect - and he has a reasonable view. However when I read the latest article [I got the newsletter - as RSS is pretty much dead, this is the way, how I get news...] - I really got quite annoyed: via Why I got upset you might want to ask? Well just read on. Basically the article states, that sugar is bad for you. Even worse than the monosaccharides combination - is the fructose part. The article states even, that agave syrup, is pretty much nasty. So far, so good - well done - you have shipped around the cliffs of following the tree-hugging vegans, who are demonizing white sugar, but then suggest agave syrup as healthy alternative! But what is bad with the article is, the typical contemporary bluntness. >>There is something bad in our diet - oh yes, lets replace it and not changi