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Why commercial fruit purees and other fruit products are poisonous for the bar

I have found this video in the newsfeed on Facebook and wondered - is such products great for the bar? It sounds all great: more consistency, more flavor - cheaper cost. What not to like? This is not necessary only this product, which is rather fresh on the market - it is also well known brands like Funkin' Fruit Purees and even Boiron, which are in the focus here. As you might already sense now (and could take it out of the title) - I do have a different opinion about it. For me, these products don't help - and here is why: Making a product shelf-stable [after you open it], means that it consist conservative substances. A commercial product usually also uses less expensive sweeteners like high fructose corn syrup. Products like those, jeopardize the position of the bar as part of the culinary arts - usually great restaurants use great seasonal produce - no convenience products! Using this type of products will spoil operators and guests - if flavors are