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An almost poetic review of the Martini Cocktail Extra Dry

There is a wrong perception about, how a cocktail should taste! And this perception is fueled by the opinions of consumers as well as bartenders. The Martini is definitely the drink, which shows this misconceptions very clearly. Many customers, who never tried a Martini cocktail, will order one with the anticipation of a delicious drink - and then after trying it, their dreams are crashing - from cloud 9 to under sea level! An experienced bartender definitely knows, that this drink can't be delicious - there are no yummy ingredients featured in the recipe and taste doesn't materialize out of thin air... But there is so much more what a cocktail can be - and the Martini is showcasing this. First of all, the character of a cocktail, has to be not only understood - it has to be learned. Let's depart for a moment mixology and lets esteem wines. When people start to drink [seriously], nobody really likes bone dry, minerally white wines or tannin rich and funky red wine

200,000 hits: Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, this blog just achieved another milestone: 200,000 hits! Thank you all for looking me up and reading my blog. Well - it is not on the level of, let's say Jeffrey Morgenthaler [I am sure, that he has 10s of millions of hits], but it is not too shabby nonetheless. Thanks so much for making it possible!

Opinionated Beer Review: Ka Pai - South Pacific IPA

If every producer would directly explain his product so nonchalant and passionate [without too much marketing b.s.]... Sirocco - Dubai's specialized beer company, is bringing since several moons some craft beer to Dubai. And while I am still arguing, that it might not have been a great idea, of bringing English and then New Zealand crafts, instead of bringing the crafts from its cradle [the USA], I still very much appreciate, that they do the unheard off, and bring more than just products from multinational companies. They are introducing the crafts on rotational basis, which has the advantage, that there is [finally] always something new on the market - but the disadvantage, that you will run out of luck, if you are finding your "dream-beer". The lovely Laura, my keyaccount manager brought me a couple of bottles to try... Ka Pai is one of those. Appearance: Well - the bottle is pretty - proper brown glass [so you don't get directly skunk if you would like

The use of freezers in the bar

There is quite a new article on the NewYorkTimes food section that more and more chefs change their minds about the use of freezers to preserve food. I believe, that it isn't really a secret, that freezers weren't ever forgotten in luxury hotels. The operations in a hotel, is just widely different than the operation in freestanding restaurants. Guests don't care about seasonality - if they pay a couple of thousand of dollars for their room! But what's about the role of the freezer in the bar? At a big extend, the sentiments of hotel restaurants and especially In-Room-Dining applies also to bars. While you have a higher ratio of outside guests, people still insist on things you might not carry on your menu. But not only you can keep produce in your freezer, to keep it from decaying in only few days - you can also improve your technique and quality for some drinks. Freezing produce & prepare frozen drinks - especially Daiquiris and Margaritas I am s

Perfect Bar Bites - the bitterballen

Folks - a big sorry, that I haven't posted for such a long time. Well, I was busy, but also didn't fell that I could contribute anything interesting. As we are continuously working on Library bar [especially I am working on the "heads turning menu"], we had recently a tasting for their food. This just sparked some interest in finding the perfect bar bites. Bar food has different "angles": first an foremost it is additional revenue for the bar and additional service for the guests. With bar food you can also increase the average duration, the guests are staying in the bar - if they get hungry, they don't need to leave.. they can directly satisfy their cravings on site. It is also communicative and a different "culinary dimension" for the bar. I said it before: most bars, just don't find the right format and dishes. One dish, which I discovered, and which is perfectly suited for a bar is bitterballen. Bitterballen is a Dutch recip