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The Rum Industry might be on the Path of the Dark Side

Excuse my Star Wars reference here... but it quite obvious, that you can't really say, that the industry is with the force (dammit - again a Star Wars reference) I have read yesterday a very interesting article in German on , when I browsed my Feedly posts. After RSS standard was dropped by Safari and other browser, I recommend Feedly to keep in touch with your favorite blogs. Anyway- the article states, that a lot of rums were chemically tested, and most rums contained significant quantities of sugars, but also glycerine and vanillin. This obviously created some controversy- but the most disturbing thing is, that the producer downplay these results. You might ask, why this is a big deal!? I am not complaining because of health reasons. Yes, sugar is bad- but so is ethanol. It is more about lies and perception. You have to understand, that sugar is alternating significantly the sensory quality of alcohol. I found a great experiment on , which s

The Best Gin for the Job: Plymouth Navy Strength

When I went recently for shopping for booze, a couple of products just stick out. There was Ferdinand Quince Gin (which is rather a liqueur - didn't tried it yet - but as soon as I do, I will definitely post it here) - and there was Plymouth Navy Strength. Truth has to be told: I was always a bit bored by the normal Plymouth. They usually give you the whole story, that Plymouth is a specific gin, made with softer water (...), but at the end, it taste like a London dry gin, if nobody tells you otherwise and its rather "pathetic" strength of just above 41% pales against my preferred gins. I have to honest: I am a bit "concerned" about the whole gin craze. I do get it: gin is more flavourful than vodka; and it is great to have a couple of different styles of gins in your bar. But do we need gin bars? And/or do we need a dozen or more different gins? Is it more smoke and mirrors than anything else? I would say yes! And yes - if you compare them sid