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An open letter to spirit fetishists - a missed opportunity

Well - we all know that Jeffrey Morgenthaler has at times some controversial ideas. Yet he gets the major support by most bartenders - I am not sure if it is his popularity, his “connection to zeitgeist” or a combination of the two. It is funny to read his ranting about spirit fetishists (just follow the link after  you have read my piece)... and it is quite humorous. Even though I am opinionated, my position is by far not as extreme. Maybe one reason is, that I don’t live in the US, which has probably the most trend-following crowd. But I think a far more important point is, that he really missed an opportunity to showcase some real issues (except of his feelings...). About 15 years ago, I built the then quite impressive liquor selection of the Schaelsick - the hotel bar at the Hyatt Regency Cologne. A couple of moons later, we were quite proud, on the selection... we had tequilas, rums, vodka (by then there was no “issue” with vodka) and especially whiskies, which were rather r