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Middle Eastern styled Sangria

It is always a bit "touchy" to incorporate anything Middle Eastern to alcoholic drinks. But then it is absolutely legal and accepted to drink booze in Dubai... For a promotion, Robin the Restaurant Manager of our Arabic restaurant asked me to create a drink. We agreed, that a Sangria would be refreshing and would have sufficient mass appeal. At the end, it did not really taste Arabic - just had few hints, which made it to one of the best Sangria I  have tried since quite a while... The Idea These days, I am picking a specific drink and then go to to pick other aromas, to compliment the main ingredients. Unfortunately I don't have the "pro" version (which in my humble opinion, is outrageously priced), so I could not choose red wine - but the other flavors are going well together - and I am sure, that red wine and pomegranate also share similar aroma molecules... The Wine Sangria should not be made with expensive wine. In fact, a fu