Follow up - experimentation with temperature and chlorophyl extraction

Today - I just further explored the “green extraction” in infusions:

This time I have heated up water and gin up to 65ºC.
To the gin I have added basil - to the water tarragon.

After an hour or so, the gin (slowly) turned green. Not the green I expected (like before) - and I had to shake it... Hence I guess, the best way is to start with a room temperature liquid (but a hot, preheated sous vide bath).

The water didn’t really become green at all (very pale yellow). I still have to try this with room temperature water - but I guess, the extraction doesn’t work with water as medium.

The interesting point was, that both infusions gained coloration, when they chilled down in a water bath!

I will experiment further with those changes:

  • Starting with room temperature (or maybe even slightly chilled) liquid.
  • Bringing it up to 65ºC and holding it for 2 hours.
  • Chill down again under room temperature (and holding it at this temperature for an extended time).
  • Probably it also would need more herbs! I used ¾ bunch of basil (for 75cl of gin) - it looks (and sounds) a lot - but for sure, I will do at least a full bunch - if not more.
  • Maybe I will experiment with “cutting the leaves” to enhance the extraction.


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