In defense of the Martini Extra Dry

People who order Martinis which aren’t bone dry probably eat also children.

People who order and drink Martinis which aren’t extra dry, probably have no taste buds.

People... dammit - just don’t drink your Martini cocktail wet!!!

Since a couple of years you hear and read, that XYZ bartender is doing a Martini which has more vermouth in. Sometimes ⅓ vermouth - and now there are even so-named bartenders, which suggest a 50:50 Martini cocktail.

Their arguments sound totally reasonable: the cocktail becomes more sessionable (you can drink more than one or two, without ending up in the alley). And the taste (if the drink is made with proper vermouth) improves... All of it though is rubbish!

Look - this “goals” make not a lot of sense. making the martini cocktail more sessionable or “tasty” is like: making a LaFerrari hypercar more tame and practical... or making a fighter jet more luxurious... or making a Carolina Reaper easier to eat. If you don’t get the context it might sound, reasonable - but if you understand a little of the specific topic, you understand that the respective adjustment doesn’t make any sense: A hypercar is purchased by people, who like the ridiculousness - it is never a daily driver nor is it a car for travels. And a fighter jet is a war-tool; a weapon. No government does need anything luxury in a fighter jet. And a Carolina Reaper has been designed (well cultivated) to be one of the hottest pepper of the world - why would anyone make it easier to eat, while it has been just popularized, as almost impossible to consume.

A Martini Extra Dry is not as obvious, but if you do understand, what the drink is all about, you understand, that the supporters for a wetter martini probably still wet their beds...

Look people: the Martini is a drink, which clears the mind. It is strong, it is cold, you drink it in a few sips. The “clutter” in your brain, which convoluted your mind, clears immediately out. Your stomach gets quite a punch, which make you realize, that you should go out and have a reasonable good dinner. The alcohol probably suggest, that you should not have the dinner alone, but with good (attractive) company.

Is a Martini cocktail delicious?
No! Never. But this isn’t the point.

And even with the most beautiful artisan vermouth, it still stays a challenged cocktail. Like Sylvester Stallone is a challenged actor, who can only play well himself. Don’t get me wrong - I like Stallone - but he won’t be anytime soon a Marlon Brando.

And also don’t get me wrong here. I am not here to dismantle the virtues of the Martini Cocktail. I am just here speak against those people, who destroying the legitimacy of the Martini Cocktail Extra Dry unknowingly, because  they have no clue, what the cocktail is about. Because they are so mislead by adjusting every single drink to make it more palatable, that they totally forget bar culture.


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