Ginger Ale: No- that's not amazing

I am growing really frustrated about a lot of issues in popular culture. Especially calling things monikers which they are clearly not.

Let me explain... oh - no, why don't you watch part of the below video of Saucestach:

Yes, I can understand, how he is frustrated by a corporate food industry, which doesn't uhm use food anymore (at least not the most important ingredient). Hey, I don't even say, that his ginger drink doesn't taste great... but all what I say is, that it cannot be called ginger ale.

Let me explain: Ginger Ale is a soda. And sodas since pretty much the beginning used food additives, which traditionally enhanced the sourness.
I have seen uncountable videos, which suggested to use lemon and lime to balance the drink out - but this doesn't really work. Ginger ale (or any other soda - even including lemon/lime soda) doesn't taste like lemon or lime juice. It taste like: ginger and candy/caramel. And here's the fundamental fallacy of Saucestach (and many other videos).

Now - I like to caramel the sugar with the ginger a bit. This gives the caramel'y flavors, commercial ginger ale just has. You can also add some spices (a bit of cinnamon - but not too much, as cinnamon overtakes easily the aroma-"world"- better would be probably allspice and a few peppercorns). But most importantly use about 2% of the amount of sugar (which I like at 120g per liter) lemon salt (citric acid). This makes it just tart enough to balance out the sweetness - but doesn't add any "distracting" aromas.

...and that would be delicious.

...yes I could also mention, that it would probably make sense to use a pressure cooker - but this isn't strictly necessary. But the citric acid (you could also use phosphoric acid) just is!


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