One of the weak links in Cocktails: Liqueurs - The Midori Example

Today the press is often celebrating Mixology as distinct culinary art. Yes, it is still not as popular and widespread accepted as "cooking" - but it is a trend, which is growing. 

The problem is, that Bartender and Mixologists are seeing themselves as artists, which can be controversial. However while a lot of chefs can be intentional controversial, as the "main culinary art" is a mainstream trend - bartenders are seeing themselves equally enamored to spread controversies - in my eyes though this weakens the still delicate trend of mixology.

One part, which transformed modern bartending was the use of fresh products and quality ingredients. However one problem in the liquor industry is, that ingredients don't need to be listed on any product.

This isn't so bad on spirits - there are additional laws which the producers mostly comply with - which make the use of distillates a rather save and reasonably consistent procedure. 
However the issue is usually syrups and liqueurs.

These ingredients can be loaded with HFCS (high fructose corn syrup - instead of real sugar or even better ingredients like honey and maple syrup), artificial colors, artificial aromas and so on.

I found Midori since quite a while suspicious. Well - not only does it has the glow of Kryptonite which let you forget any hope, that it could be a natural color - it taste also like Jolly Ranchers.

So I am quite weary to promote a "better bar" but on the other side have to read "trendsetting articles" like that

Even worse than confusing other bartenders with this crap is that there is not even a reason, why the "protagonists" judge Midori as "surprisingly legit". 

Let me say this: there is a reason, why we considered the 80's as "Dark Ages of Mixology". And while some people think, that it is a good idea, to revive this time, I surely think, it is the most moronic move to do. I said it before "in the glow of Blue Curaçao (which is absolutely awful) and I say it again in the light of Midori. At least try to reinvent the drinks and make them better - with better ingredients and techniques - instead of using the dusty bottle of liquid industrial waste sugar water!


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