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Truth - and no Faux Science

There is an article about: SCIENCE EXPLAINS WHY SOME BASE INGREDIENTS MAKE BETTER VODKA It is unfortunate, but in these days science is mostly misinterpret and also used "wrong". Strangely people relying on science but don't really understand how. Science seems to be a "new religion" similar to catholicism in the dark ages: people don't read and understand the scientific papers, but rely on the press and on "spokes people" which are simplifying and explaining. This isn't so bad if it comes to popular scientists like Neil DeGrasse or Bill Nye. They are trained scientists and understand scientific reasoning. However when it comes to the press and other people who are "using" science it is a complete other issue; Let's look at the article to understand what I mean: By definition,  vodka  in the U.S. must “be without distinctive character, aroma, taste or color,”   according to the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bur

Is the Bar Revolution over?

There is an interesting article on  Thrillist ...: Is the Bar Revolution over? So what is my take on it? First of all the obvious - yes the Cocktail Revolution  is over ! Because there is no more resistance on Bartender-side / operator-side etc. when it comes to the use of quality (and premium) ingredients. Because there is no more resistance of guests to pay for a drink $20.00 (due to alcohol prices here in the UAE - drinks are even more expensive in Dubai). Because there are no more big arguments, if you should use fresh lemons, limes or other juices... This all are an indication: the revolution is over. The article though brings up another point: it is the commercialization of mixology. In this case I don't really understand the American way of thinking. Even though the prices are creeping up, a lot of Americans (especially bartenders) shy away of increasing prices. Is a cocktail worth $50.00? While this sounds outrageous, we surely have to look at other culinary arts (or