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Why you shouldn't use egg whites in cocktails!

I read today an article on VinePair: Ask Adam: Why is it safe to drink eg white in cocktails . This article isn't very deep though. Adam Teeter could have gone into the controversy between EU regulations and the US regulations: that the EU prohibit to wash egg shelves, as it weakens the barrier of the shell, so salmonella and other bacteria can get into the egg. While the US gets into vaccinate every chicken against salmonella (which likely creates super-bugs - bacteria which is resistant). By the way, it really shows politically, how different the thinking of both regions are: EU is cautious and tries not to change the whole game, as nobody knows, how these big decisions turn out - the US goes just full into it... and probably finds out decades later, that they did a big mistake... I don't really underline the safety problem. I think, it is not smart, to challenge something, which is very controversial for a lot of guests - just for the sake of it. On the other side, t

"Cultivate Sodas" - a primer to water kefir

We are living in a time, in which soft drinks are in steep decline, as scientists learn more and more about the harmful effects of the over-dose of sugar. While I am a big fan of drinks like coke (soon, there will be a review of the new Coke mixers yay!), I am also aware, that these beverages are detrimental - not so much due to the sugar for one drink, but for our habit to drink far too much of it instead of water (people who know me, will point now a finger in my direction).  Now people are very quick of pointing out, that juices are an alternative. They are not!   Most juices (even if these are juices and not nectars and juice cocktails / beverages, which do not even have 100% juice content) are (almost?) as bad as sodas. They contain pretty much the same amount of sugar - which is the main culprit here!  People would argue, that it is healthy to eat an apple - how can it be unhealthy to drink the juice of an apple? Well - it is not that difficult to answer:   1) First