Do we need new jiggers?


At this point I am on a quest of rethinking bar tools. While the shaker is an interesting subject (stay tuned), the jigger is an often overseen, but very important tool in the bar.

OXO Easy-Pour Jigger | Cocktail EmporiumFor some time, I have used my OXO jigger (transparent). And to be honest I found, that it is far more precise than any classic or Japanese (or whatever) metal jigger.

The issue is, that you can overpour a jigger - but also underpour it. And I see far too often, that people don't have the right pourer and measure approximately with the jigger. That is worse. Due to the conical form, it will be eventually wrong.

Now - I have looked in different solutions. Some cylindric measures - some which look like tubes - but I ended up with those conical lab measuring cups.

They are really similar to use compared to classic jiggers (especially the Japanese style) - but they have different fill lines, which make it easy to measure even fillers (if you have got bigger measuring cups and different sizes). 

The disadvantage might be, that they are made out of glass - however the borosilicate is rather tough to break. 

Just received one today and will come back to give a full review...


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