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The World of Blockchain in Hospitality!?

  It seems, that there is an elephant in the room, when it comes to the latest developments in the finance world: blockchain, crypto, NFT's - it is a bit like quantum mechanics in science: the only thing, what respective experts are agreeing upon is, that if you say, that you are understanding it - you probably don't understand it... Blockchain is a book with 7 seals - the basic idea is pretty straight forward, but the when it comes to the details, the function principles, we all got lost in space. But like in quantum mechanics: not understanding fully the principles won't held us back to use some of the features (think about transistors, lasers diodes etc. which are applications of quantum mechanic principles).  So let's enter blockchain. While blockchain overall is quite interesting, NFT's and smart contracts attracted quite my attention in the last couple of months. Let's put the whole techno jabber to the side and let's go back in mixology-history: Most