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When everything fails: Master Chef and the Piña Colada

If we are watching Master Chef, we expect, that everything they do is technically correct - and well researched. I still struggle with Chefs, doing cocktails (and people who believe, that chefs are able to do this well). The bar is like pastry - part of culinary arts, but indeed very different. If you are not specialized, you will fail. And no - for me will not be “a little bit of fun” - at all! So let’s look at it point by point: First of all using fresh pineapple is great ! However the puree is far too thick and makes the Piña Colada to a smoothie. And the additional fibers (while probably healthier) will make the drink to a full meal! It would be better to juice it - or to puree it and then strain it. Second: really? Masterchefs don’t know how to use a blender? If you anyway add rum and coconut - why waiting - it would be so much easier. Third: the rum. It is Master Chef - they could really used something more sophisticated than Bacardi Carta Blanca! And what is about measuring??? T