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Why inclusive employments are still problematic in hospitality

 So I have read an interview about inclusive employments in hospitality - and this had especially people with disability as topic.  While I 100% support inclusive employment I am also aware of the current status quo in hospitality. Point is, that hospitality jobs are still very tough. Probably tougher than ever. Point is, that the profit motive is as strong as ever - and from my perspective I haven’t worked in any place, where there have been a reasonable cushion of employees (meaning, sufficient employees, so you won’t have an issue when people fall sick or resigning (and you cannot find anyone immediately to replace).  Fact is, that inclusive employment works only, if you have a surplus of man-hours. And yes - it not only would enable being inclusive but also offering better training, happier employees, happier guests (which are served by happier employees) and so on. But as long as the profit margin is the only thing which counts, we are far away of being inclusive and it will never