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Ultimate Whiskey Sour & Koji-Popcorn Sour

To all my regular readers, apologies, I haven’t posted anything for a while. One reason is the far too early eternal departure of my MacBook Pro.Liefe has to go on (in a pandemic without computer....) - but my workhorse always have been my laptop.Anyways - In my social distancing I have been busy - cocktails on a different level. Two of those I will present right here and now.People who know me or read regularly my blog understand, that I am pretty innovative - but I hate to create drinks without context. In fact I believe that most drinks should reference things (and mostly drink categories) people know. On the other side I hate, if people are meddling with drink categories and classic drinks. There is still no Green Apple M@rt1n1 (why don’t you call it cocktail?) or a French M@rt1n1 (or Espresso M@rt1n1 which is an Espresso Vodka) for me! So the margins to do something innovative and creative are very small. But I guess I did it - and if other people would take it on, it could becom…

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