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One of the rare bar reviews: Satan’s Whiskers

 I have been to the UK - just a layover (and family meet up) from Dubai to my new work destination the Cayman Islands. And I had to visit at least one reputable bar in London - Satan’s Whiskers has been the most convenient... You can read sufficiently much online about the bar. It is low brow, versus high quality. But it is especially a bar which proofs, that you don’t need necessarily gimmicks and crazy presentations, to be rated one of the 100 best bars world wide. Could some Directors of F&B and other decision makers take notice? A bar doesn’t need to be a circus. It doesn’t need to serve cocktails, which dominate instagram for the next months. So: we came there and have been guided to a mini table for 2 - but we settled with the “host” on a table for 4 - and agreed, that we would relocate, if it would become busy. The room is unique (taxidermy) without being too creepy. It is actually quite an accomplished balance between authenticity, humor and comfort. Emilio (our “host”) sat