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Camacho Corojo - small review...

It has been a while, since I have had a cigar. It has been even a longer time that I had a cigar I have never had - or a cigar which I have reviewed. Enter the Camacho Corojo. I don’t need to repeat here the marketing story of Camacho. You can read it here . If you are too lazy (or resistant to marketing stuff), the important info is: it is a puro - the cigar is made out of 100% Honduras tobacco. It is a long filler. It is made 100% out of corojo tobacco. Corojo tobacco you might ask? Well, the tobacco is made out of Cuban seed - however this hybrid produces rather wrapper (and binder) tobacco. However in this cigar, it is used to make the full cigar. You don’t get it yet? Well, in a coffee comparison, corojo is basically Arabica coffee - while criollo tobacco is like Robusta coffee. The question is - how is it? There are a ton of cigar reviews, which praises the Camacho Corojo (I had the Robusto today). Yes - the vitola / banderole is big and quite unsubtle. I w

Irish Whiskey - a small guide

So I went over my feeds on feedly , which are obviously quite beverage heavy - and an article off Bevvy caught my eyes: Best Irish Whiskey under $50 . Well - there hasn’t been any news for me (well - it is an average selection - though with mentionably a deserved first place: Red Breast 12 years old) - however in the descriptions, several issues (read: mistakes) caught my attention. I don’t want to call out here - however I thought, it would make sense, to repeat the respective categories of Irish whiskey and explain a bit!? So here we are - the “ ultimate ” Irish Whiskey Style Guide: Irish Blended Whiskey Irish blended whiskey is almost  the same as Scotch blended whisky - with 2 differences: a) there is an ‘e’ in the whiskey, and b) one more category of whiskey is allowed in the BLEND : Irish Grain Whiskey Irish (Single) Malt Whiskey Irish Pot Still Whiskey (and as non whiskey only water is also allowed) While Irish Blended Whiskey hasn’t been the or