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Can Wodka be more than a Vodka

There are really some people out there, which are reading my blog (duh) - and are interested in my "opinionated opinion". Thus in the years of this blog, I got quite a lot of samples. That can be a good thing (if the product is really something very special), that can also backfire... At times I avoid to review new products, because I just think, that I don't want to step on all feet of old and new friends.
On the other hand, people who send me samples have read my blog before - so it isn't really too bad, if I give my (blogged) opinion, is it?
Peter Steger of Sash and Fritz German Wodka (yeah - "ze Germans" are spelling vodka with a 'w'), is one of those friends (at least until this post).  To make it a bit more agreeable - and definitely more constructive than critical, I try here a bit of a new twist to this post - instead of a naked review - I try to consult on the product (however not before giving an honest review)... let's get to it, shal…

Aladin Smoking Gun - an update

So - I have blogged before about smoke.

I used now the Aladin smoke gun (I have now several pieces at the hotel and one at home) since a couple of months. This is my evaluation:

I do think, that it is the best smoke gun in the market. Solid built, good performance...The smoke screens are clogging very quickly. A good way is, to scrub them with a metal sponge- this will extend the lifespan dramatically. But it is great to have them replaceable!A not so good solution is the ball-closure of the battery compartment and the solution of the battery compartment itself! This wouldn't take a lot to change - but it would help to prevent damages. One of my guys opened it not carefully enough and damaged the "switch contact" - nothing which cannot be fixed in a breeze (by our engineering or anyone who is average talented) - it is annoying nonetheless.The switch - it is not the most intuitive position, to have the switch on the bottom of the smoker!It would even great, to construct a…