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Is Fancy Wine Better? Blindfolded Taste Test! - Food Feeder

Usually Food Feeder stays with nasty and stupidly flavoured vodkas - but this time, they did something actually quite interesting: They made a blindfolded tasting of 4 different wines. Lets face it, they guys over at Tasted! are average joe tasters - but this makes the result even more interesting: it just undermines my experience, that perception is far more important than actual taste. At this point - enjoy the show - and see you soon!

Anna Kendrick: Behind the Scenes of the Mega Huge Game Day Ad Newcastle ...

There is not a lot of Superbowl talk here in Dubai. Some people rather like to play Cricket [don't look at me!], most people like football... no - please don't come with the stereotype camel riding, horse riding and falconing [yes - this is all done here... but these are not major sports]. Anyway - off course, there are a lot of funny videos around from companies, which spent the big buck to advertise with the main sport event in the US of A. Traditionally there are a lot of car commercials [very funny!] - but as this is a page, which is devoted to alcohol - I am staying with the booze - beer to be exact! What is especially funny is, that this ad is kinda guerrilla marketing - as it isn't a Superbowl ad [but refers to one]. Just enjoy!