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The very best Mojito - updated post

Yes, this is not the first time I post the best mojito. My first article took all details apart and made some suggestions. However now, I really feel, that I am on the right way to the truly best mojito: We can all agree upon, that better quality and better matching ingredients makes a better mojito. The first secret is: I found the perfect Mojito rum. No joke. PERFECT. It is Diplomatico Planas. A Venezuelan rum, which is in the style of Cuban (and Dominican) rums - though better. It is longer aged, has a fuller bodied aroma, without being too dominating or funky (like a Jamaican rum. But the most important part is, that Planas is stronger than its competitors. Healthy 47%. There is no rum, which is coming close to it. Not Bacardi (the replicas are not bad... still no comparison). No Havana Club. The second choice would be a blend from a high-roof rum (white) and a reasonable good light rum (Matusalem Platino), and maybe a small fraction of aged rum. But even this is not close. Second