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What-if scenario - creating a craft bar in the Philippines

We "global" bartenders (and restaurateurs) find often too many excuses not to excel in our bars, in creativity, in service. But then there are venues, which are at times in the middle of nowhere, which are disproving our points. Sure most of the time, these are restaurants - but also bars are not as uncommon as one would guess. Off course, when it comes to bars, 'Murica is the centre of attention; few cities there are bartenders' paradise - all above New York City. Yes the rents are expensive - but loads of bar-interested people, which fill the cash drawers of operators and the wallets of bartenders. But every single location has its advantages and disadvantages - and yes - every location has it's opportunities. In this post (and maybe this even becomes a series), I would like to take one location as example - and like to show, which chances there are, to make a truly outstanding bar. Let's begin - shall we? First stop Philippines - Manila. I have

MxMo CVI - Summer Break

Oh - yeah... since a long time I am ready to participate another Mixology Monday - I am so excited. This time - it is a quite easy going subject - Summer Break. This MxMo is hosted by  Joel DiPippa of the  Southern Ash  blog - thanks so much! As I am Beverage Manager in the real corporate life, I had also this time the idea to extend the fun, and ask the interested bartenders, if they would like to participate... two were excited as me - and you will find their thoughts and pictures below. First things first: the thoughts of Joel DiPippa: As we look past the frost in the air for the arrival of spring, I wanted to challenge you with the theme of Spring Break!..  The best part of Spring Break is that it means so many things to so many different people, so I have some high expectations this month.  Yes, tiki-heads, I am looking at you. I want all of you to dig deep, steeled by last month’s MxMO, and find your spring break drink! What sort of drinks do you enjoy when you sta