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What does it mean, to make the world best cocktail

I have heard many times, that this Martini, that Mojito or this Margarita is the best of the world. But what does this really means? Let’s face it has been easy to do a better cocktail in the late 90’s or even in the early new millennium. You simply had to use proper recipe, fresh ingredients (I remember to have had many discussions with guests and other bartenders about, if a cocktail “deserves” quality and fresh ingredients - and a lot of people said, that it is “waste” to use good ingredients in a cocktail) - and you usually made it already onto a list. Nowadays it is far more difficult - because there are a lot of bars, which are using the freshest ingredients, quality spirits - often even premium spirits. So how can I make the best cocktail then? Please understand, my Padavan, that you are asking the wrong question... There is nothing such as the best Mojito, the best Margarita and so on. Point is, that “the best” is not very objective: Is it the most popula