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Alcohol free spirits - maybe we need alternatives?

When I have seen the first time some information about Seedlip, I could a) not believe it, b) directly wanted to get my hands on it c) thought that these people are magician to produce a product, which is not only alcohol-free, but also sugar-free and basically everything-free ... Unfortunately you literally cannot get your hands on Seedlip - at least until now - if you are not living in a "served" country. It is crazy - you might think, that Dubai is a great target market. But apparently it is not - and Amazon doesn't even delivers (neither other delivery sites) - I wonder why? It is alcohol-free... A bit of a sobering came, when more critical people reviewed alcohol-free spirits. It has to be said, that the "hype is real" - and that alcohol-free spirits are extremely trendy (lit?).  I will soon try them - as I have a source now. At least a competitor product to Seedlip. But I am not even anymore cautiously optimistic - rather the opposite. Now the idea isn'