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Melon Soda Pop and Melon Chu'hai

As mentioned, I am not a big fan of complicating drinks. We are at a point, where most pre-prohibition cocktails are recovered, where most variations are explored... and the "logic", but not necessary best step into the future is, to make drinks more complicated. Maybe I am too conservative to follow this trend - but I think we didn't explored to create great but simple drinks. For example, the West didn't yet really discovered the  Chūhai. As Japanese are masters of copying but then also internalize it and make it their own, the c hūhai started as simple highball (the hai  stand s for "high"). As Japan worships its own spirit, which is  Shōchū the highball is based on it - with the addition of lemon and soda - and nowadays there are many different flavors.  This is what I remembered, when I ate a very ripe piece of melon, but didn't finished it, because of its almost oxidized flavor. What to do with it? Well - I had some leftover lemon inf