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Pekan smoked Qamar Al-Deen Habanero Soda

So it is Ramadan again. The fasting month in the Middle East [and for all Muslims around the world]. For me it is vacation time - who wants to be working, when alcohol is even more restricted and most sane Westerners are staying - well where they are? Ramadan from a beverage perspective though, can be interesting! Basically you have 4 drinks , which are usually only served through Ramadan [but really - they should really be served around the year]: Tamar Hindi This is a brew made out of tamarind. It is very different - has an unappealing muddy brown color [usually also not completely clear] - but it is somewhat very refreshing and I would even say delicious. Jallab Guess what - it seems, that this drink gave "bartender's darling" the Julep its name. It features grape molasses and rose water - very sweet [like all Ramadan juices, there is usually a ton of sugar in it] - exotic - nice. Karkarde  This would be your Agua de Jamaica! Yes - the recipes see