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Dubai Alcohol-Prices are "losing their 30%” alcohol special tax. This is an opportunity!

So - if you haven’t already heard it - there are two big news, when it comes to “alcohol in Dubai”: Liquor licenses are now for free for residents - and they are pretty easy to obtain (just an Emirates ID - and that’s it).  The Dubai government have removed “their” 30% “consumer” alcohol tax. What does this mean for your “hospitality professional” who is dealing with alcohol? I came across two “schools of thoughts”: Slashing down the alcohol prices about 20’ish percent (there is also the municipality fees and service charge which is applied to the “landing price” of the alcohol - which has to be considered. Hence the “win goes totally towards the venue guest, who pays less for their “experience”.  Keeping the prices at the same level (or just incrementally reducing and adjusting them), which would lead to far better profitability. And yes - even though it sounds quite “unfair” from the customer perspective; but both thoughts have their advantage. The first - would definitely increase t