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Is Bacardi the BMW of the Spirit world?

 I have had this funny thought trait... BMW had in the last couple of decades quite a lot of “issues” with real automobile fans. First of all they have sported more “fake air intakes” and “fake diffusors” and other normally functional performance design traits - which had literally no use except of let the car look sportier than any other automobile company known for performance cars. Also they have been further in the controversies with fake engine sound.  This is not clearly a bad thing; some people like the sporty design and if you are not a die hard automobile fan, you just enjoy the cars looking more aggressive. However for enthusiasts it was really a red flag. Apparently Bacardi is in a very similar situation.  Let’s face it: the guys at Bacardi know really what they are doing. Nothing is kept to a coincidence... everything is planned excessively (same applies to BMW). But these leaves a lot of enthusiasts cold - they are avoiding Bacardi as much as they can.  Personally, I am no