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Using cutting edge technology in the bar - how to keep things warm

  It is the season. There are more events (yeah - events with people, pandemic is kinda mitigated - yay…), hot drinks are requested. Before especially in events I have used “coffee urns” which kept warm with gel-stoves. It works quite well, they don’t need a lot of space, they are also keeping things warm. But: you cannot really control the heat (its real fire).  And beverages which are thicker (e.g. hot chocolate) start to burn. Also: if you are holding alcohol drinks warm, it will evaporate and overheat. What is the solution: Using a water-bath. A bain-marie is not exactly something new - only that the kitchen appliances usually take more “real-estate”, and the manual ones are not made for beverages (not deep enough - they are made only to hold food warm), and the electric ones are not only big - but they are also very expensive. Enter Sous Vide, or better said an immersion circulator. If you are only heating a couple of bottles of a beverage, a wine bucket is already big eno