Good Bye 2017 - Welcome 2018


A belated Happy New Year to all of you. There has been a lot of changes... I have got the feeling, that these changes will lead to a great year 2018...

First: I have left my position as Beverage Manager at the Ritz-Carlton Dubai Beach. Better said, they made my position redundant (we will see, how well this works out for them 😶).
I am not gonna lie - I loved to work with my previous Executive Assistant Manager i/c F&B Isabelle. It was simply inspirational and we have had a lot of brilliant and at times borderline crazy ideas! However Isabelle left the beginning of last year - and nothing was the same again. Let me not get into this too much...

Second: Despite the fact, that I have had some offers as Beverage Manager again, I decided to go back into the operations - I am now “freshly appointed” Bar Operations Manager at Noir at the Kempinski Mall of the Emirates.
The bar is beautiful, and had a short but somewhat controversial and very turbulent history. The idea is, to lead this bar to be one (if not THE) of the best bars in Dubai. And this is what I do best! 
I will be definitely able to apply quite a lot of new stuff here.

Three: And yeah - here I would like to refer to the new year, with a lot of innovations at times regional innovation, at times international innovations. During the last years, there are a lot of things, which formed in my mind... and I am ready to pull this out now. And I will share here - on the all of cocktail evolutions and revolutions I will introduce.

Once more - have a good 2018... and see you here for some amazing revelations. Let’s make the great again! 😆


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