Thyme water? Thyme soda!

When I came here to Abu Dhabi, I have seen it before... Thyme water [and the same company also offers camomile water - though I have a lifelong aversion against later].

Today I bought it - and I wanted to do some soda with it.

It is pretty straight forward; make a syrup: you need liquid [for the moment the thyme water itself, but you need some additional water as well], sweetener [I used fructose], acid [citric acid].

And then dilute it with club soda [or dilute it with normal water and then carbonize it].

Amazing stuff...

I will use the next time some honey as well - thyme and honey happen to be a happy couple...
Also I would next time use some lemon zest, to lift up the heavy herbal flavor.

Overall it is a winner. I added some ice to my soda and a good shot of Tanqueray Rangpur [actually I run out of other gins - except of genever - actually I ration my Rangpur as it is not available in the ME].

Who said, that you need tonic water for a proper gin highball?


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