Korean drinks

It is always great, to explore a ethnic supermarket. Here in the Middle East unfortunately, there are not a lot... [however you could find some exotic things in a standard hypermarket].

Today - I found the Korean supermarket AMART. And as expected, they have a couple of unique drinks [I only selected three of those].

1st: Sunny 10 Blast.
This was the purple can. Unfortunately everything was written in Korean, however it tasted very [artificial] grapey [what the color suggested]. I would say, that it is something like a slightly carbonated fruit cocktail or a fruit nectar.
Not very good [but also not terrible]. Not necessarily great for mixing [however it would do at home good for a simple highball].
You might buy, if you like thin, sweet nectars.

2nd: Milki.
This is very similar to Calpico/Calpis from Japan. However I would say a bit lighter in taste - the acid taste seems to be citric acid and not lactic acid.
On one hand I would not rate it as complex as the Japanese counterpart - on the other hand, it is easier to swallow - and less revolting for Western tastes. Nice...
Definitely buy, if you can get over a beverage which taste like sparkling thin yoghurt.

3rd: ana eve sparkling [passionfruit and lychee].
That seemed first of all to me like a soda. Second guess: sparkling juice [a fruit cocktail] - this is what the presentation suggest.
I know, I know - this seems a lady drink - but give me a break - I can do also review for ladies?!
Fact is, it is a malted beverage [alcohol free].
First of all it starts like a rather sweet soda, however the smell and the afterthought suggest, that it is similar to an [bad] alcohol free flavored beer]. Also it has a bit too much acidity.
Not sure, who did the r&d for the folks - but it seems obvious, that a light flavor like lychee doesn't work well with malty flavors... but the passionfruit is even worse.
Don't buy.
But: to the retrieval of the Koreans honor: it seems to be made in Saudi Arabia.
Not to buy.


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