Short noted: dry vermouth a

For the moment I am reviewing quite a lot of products... Vermouth is one of them.
I was surprised to hear, that not only Dolin and Carpano Antica are now available, but also the US based boutique vermouth brand Vya.
Today I tasted dry vermouths: Vya very dry, Dolin Extra dry and as comparison Cincano extra dry.

The Cincano was quite bold, simple and overall yuk! This might beone reason, why people prefer only a touch of vermouth in their martinis...
The Dolin surprised me...  Very fine, almost like a fino sherry with also very subtle but perfectly balanced herbal notes. Vya against this was much spicier, with some orange zest notes... But also a fantastic option.

I will come back with a proper review, if I have the benchmark, Noilly Prat to compare...


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