History - A Short History of Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

This is an amazing documentary about the historic backgrounds of Irish whiskey!
I have seen with interest, that Midleton - launched a product portfolio, which brings back Irish Pot Still whiskey, which I think is more than smart.
It just separates and gives a real authenticity to the whiskies.
These brands [all Pernod-Ricard]:

  • Midleton Barry Crockett Legacy [yeah - normal Midelton is a blended - but the Legacy is a Pure Pot Still]
  • Green Spot
  • Power's John Lane release
  • and off course the venerable Red Breast [also with 'new' premium releases of 15, 12 cask strength and 21 years old].
The call it Single Pot Still whiskies, which I find a bit... confusing - maybe even disturbing [they are not "single" as "single malts" - as they are not made by individual distilleries].

But overall I am very happy, that Irish whiskey gets back on its authentic feet! Looking forward to try a lot!


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