Setting things straight... Eristoff vs Russian Standard

Well, sometimes I might be a bit... hot-headed, when it comes to some posts.

And well - I was, when I wrote the article about Eristoff.
Well Sander, one of the greatest "wine guys" I know, commented, that Eristoff is far longer on produced. And he is right.


It is even worse, I found a bottle from the 70's, which has the same "bell-shape" as Russian Standard... turns out, that Russian Standard is the villain, which copied the design...

Well - but truth has to be said, Eristoff definitely changed their bottle design to a more pronounced bell-shape after Russian Standard became successful. And their logo was also "adjusted" to a more Russian-Standard-like "feel".

So here we are... I do apologise, if I have hurt non-existing feelings of a multi-national company.

Hat-tip to Sander, who pointed me to my fallacy...

I hate to be wrong... :)


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